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What is a shared short code? The Common Short Code Administration talks about the "Pitfalls of Not Controlling Your Brand's Mobile Marketing Address and Relying on Shared Short Codes." They say that a "Common Short Code (CSC) can either be dedicated to your brand/enterprise or it can be shared among various brand campaigns and applications. The latter presents many known, as well as hidden perils for brands and content providers." Please read the compelling critique of shared short codes: 

But must a short code be shared among BOTH various brand campaigns AND applications to be a shared short code. What if it is for only one application, let's say coupons, and one company is the dedicated short code leasholder, the application provider, and the certified content provider, BUT the short code is used by various brands? Is that a shared short code. I think so, but not everyone agrees. According to Street Savings in their short code is not a shared short code.  What?!?

Here is a list of shared short codes (definition: used by more than one brand!):

 Short Code

 Certified Content Provider



 56687 Street Savings Coupons
 20222 Mobile Giving Foundation Mobile Giving
 40579 Mobile Giving Foundation Mobile Giving
 57711 CellForce, LLC Not Specific
 46246 i-Mobile Marketing Not Specific
 50240 Plum Reward Coupons
 21534 Mogreet MMS
 647338 Mogreet MMS
  Just started  
  more coming  

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